Our URGENT need in Vietnam.



Vietnam is a communist country with a Christian community of less than 10% of their population.  Evangelism in this country is very restricted and rarely allowed in public.  The government does allow evangelism within the confines of government approved church property.

There are many capable, anointed Vietnamese Christian pastors but they are limited by an absence of church buildings and thus a legal physical means by which to share the gospel.

By building legal churches Mission Vietnam provides pastors and Christian leaders a means to legally share the gospel.  These churches are used by their leaders as an outreach to the local community.  It’s not unusual for hundreds of local citizens to attend Christmas or Easter outreach services.  Over the past 10 years, thousands of people have accepted Christ through these local outreach events.

The government of Vietnam has recently provided legal approval for many more church locations than our limited resources will allow.  We endeavor to raise money to support and build these churches in Vietnam.

At this time the government does not allow outside workers to build Vietnamese churches.  All construction must be accomplished by Vietnamese citizens.

Please consider financial support of our church construction projects in Vietnam.  All potential church sites are researched by us.