Dave Roever, Founder

dave_roever Dave Roever is founder of Mission Vietnam. Dave is enthusiastically received both nationally and internationally as a public speaker. He is a gifted communicator and speaks in a variety of settings including public schools, military installations, business, men's and youth conventions and churches. Dave is a frequent guest on national television talk shows. He is passionately involved in compassionate mission work in Vietnam and other places around the globe.

In late 1968, Dave found himself in Vietnam for the first time serving with the United States Navy as a member of the elite Brown Water Black Beret. He served in the Mekong Delta area until July 26, 1969 when he was severely wounded. A white phosphorus grenade exploded six inches from his face leaving his body severely damaged, but not his spirit.

Dave was flown out and presumed fatally wounded. However, Dave recovered and though visibly scarred, he returned to Vietnam in 1974 and 1975 to reach out to the Vietnamese people.

In 1993 Dave returned to Vietnam once again on a mission. Since '93, Dave and his team continue to reach out to Vietnam with a hand of compassion, a heart of love and the knowledge that Jesus Christ remains the answer for all mankind.

Committed to operate within the laws of the land and with the blessing of local and national governments, Dave established an NGO (Non-Government Organization) known as Mission Vietnam. Under the banner of Mission Vietnam, Roever & Associates has been involved in many compassionate activities throughout Vietnam.

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